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L.A. rockers Los Abandoned developing a solid fan base

Posted by LA ARGENTINIDAD ...AL PALO en noviembre 26, 2006

Pilar “Lady P.” Diaz knew the exact moment when her up-and-coming rock band Los Abandoned was going to make it.
“We were in Mexico playing the Vive Latino Festival (in Mexico City) last year,” Diaz said in a phone interview from her Los Angeles home. “We started performing and were like: ‘Wow! There are like 30,000 people here, and they are all singing our songs.’ We had never been to Mexico before, and we didn’t know that they had been playing our songs or music videos there. Then we get to the festival, and everyone knew every word.”

It was the first but not the last time the L.A. band had realized the power of its music.
The group’s flavorful mix of bilingual pop-rock has since established an army of loyal fans throughout Southern California and parts of Mexico, and has has even caught the eye of some of today’s most popular rock en español bands.
If you showed up early enough to Molotov’s concert at Casino del Sol’s AVA last year, you caught Diaz and her band opening things up for the Mexico City musicians.
Los Abandoned also has toured with the likes of Café Tacuba, singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas and English-language artists including Garbage and the duo Tegan and Sara.
“The Mexican bands have all been very supportive,” Diaz said. “When we tour or play with them, they ask us how we are doing and how it is going. They respond really well to what we do. We have a lot of encouragement from our idols, and a lot of newer bands don’t get that kind of support.”
Los Abandoned is currently on a smaller-scale tour through the States with the Polysics, a Japanese rock group. They’ll come through Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., Saturday.
But Diaz said the group plans to reach major audiences this summer with the release of its first full-length album, “Mix Tape.”
Up until now, Abandoned has gained popularity mainly through its independent EP releases. Diaz said “Mix Tape,” an album of all-original material created for Vapor Records, was a completely new experience for the group.
“It was different for us because we are used to doing everything ourselves and having our recordings be very intimate,” Diaz said. “Now we had a producer, our manager and our label all having their input on it as well. It was hard on us that all of a sudden there was a team of people trying to help us grow. It became kind of confusing.
“You have to really let go of your ego in that kind of situation and at the same time not ride the wave to the point that you are trampled on.”
Despite undeniable gains in popularity, Diaz and her band aren’t taking anything for granted.
“We are taking anything we can get at this point,” Diaz said. “That is pretty much how we have to do it right now. We can’t be choosy at all.”


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