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All Greenpeace Wants is a Green Apple

Posted by LA ARGENTINIDAD ...AL PALO en diciembre 16, 2006


Shining green lights on Apple’s iconic 5th Avenue store

‘Tis the season for stockings stuffed with ipods, and Macs nestled under the tree. But all is not well in Whoville, and there’s a grinch of a surprise under Apple’s skin: toxic chemicals. As last year’s gifts get tossed to make way for shiny new Apples, they will likely find their way to developing countries, where children of all ages will unwrap and unleash the toxic chemicals within.

The (Green) Big Apple

Well, there’s no place like New York to light up the night with a holiday wish. We’ve been telling Apple to go green for years, and last night, more than 60 activists took to the streets of New York to shine green lights on Apple’s iconic 5th Avenue store.

Greenpeace elves danced around the store and worked their magic to turn Apple’s store green, as thousands of busy holiday shoppers looked on.
Our holiday wish list is simple. All we want from Steve Jobs is a green Apple.

View a Slideshow >> See how we delivered a green season’s greeting to Apple

This holiday season, Steve Jobs has the chance to play Santa, and answer the wishes of children all over the world: deliver them an organic green Apple.

Now it’s your turn to shine a green spotlight on Apple.

Take action online Send Apple a special holiday card with your wish for a green Apple.

Pick up the phone Don’t let us have all the fun! Spread even more holiday cheer to Apple’s little helpers. Call them now.

Send an e-card Spread the word to your friends and family.

If you want a green Apple, all you have to do is ask for it.

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