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Greenpeace guide to green giving

Posted by LA ARGENTINIDAD ...AL PALO en diciembre 16, 2006

If you are giving (and receiving) gifts this season, here are a few ways to do it up right for the planet:

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1. Look for Fair Trade certified products including cotton, chocolate and coffee. For more information on where to find Fair Trade items, visit:

2. Did you know that cotton production accounts for approximately 25 percent of the agricultural chemicals used on  the planet? Choose organic cotton clothing and other accessories. For a list of organic retailers and wholesalers across Canada, visit:

To see Greenpeace’s line of fresh and feisty organic cotton t-shirts, click here»

3. How about an ancient forest friendly book? Thanks to the Markets Initiative – a coalition project that includes  Greenpeace – Canadian publishers are committing to phase pulp from ancient forests out of their books. For a list of ancient forest friendly publishers, visit:

4. Consider making a donation somewhere like, um, Greenpeace! [Donations minimize your impact on the planet (no bulky packaging) and help spread awareness of your favourite causes. They also often come with some dazzling extras for the lucky recipient. When you order the Greenpeace Earth Gift , for example, we’ll send your friend or family member a tantalizing grab bag of environmental  treats.

For more information, click here or call your Greenpeace member services line at  1.800.320.1083

5. Okay, obviously, the best way to cut down on your holiday landfill (and
greenhouse gas and toxic chemical) contributions is to forgo the world of objectdom completely and opt for donations, gift  certificates for lessons, home-cooked meals and other creative expressions of good will. But, if you are going to give  a material thing, ask yourself – and retailers – a few key questions:

We would, of course, be remiss if we didn’t mention Greenpeace’s very own
line of fabulous, planet-friendly  merchandise. Impossibly stylish hemp bags and organic cotton t-shirts, sleek stainless steel mugs, inspiring activist
reading material, the world famous Greenpeace International calendar. The
possibilities are endless. To see our  easy-to-navigate online catalogue, click here»

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