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Ron Paul Addresses MTV Viewers

Posted by LA ARGENTINIDAD ...AL PALO en febrero 3, 2008

Ron Paul participated in MTV’s “Closing Arguments” presidential forum tonight, broadcast live on MTV. Paul appeared on video via satellite from Texas where he was campaigning.

To start, Paul was asked a question about Darfur by a member of the studio audience. For the first three minutes of Paul’s response the audio from his feed was not working and Paul’s voice could barely be heard. Eventually the issue was sorted out and things ran smoothly for the remaining 25 minutes that Paul was alotted.

Paul’s message to young people was focused on freedom. Young people like freedom, he said, and they want to be left alone to live their own lives as they see fit.

Outside of MTV’s New York studio in Time Square, dozens of Paul supporters waved signs and cheered as they watched the event on a giant screen directly beneath the studio. MTV cut to the supporters several times as Paul spoke.

When asked about his viability as a candidate, Paul said that he believed he won the Louisiana Caucus outright as many of his votes were not counted. McCain was the reported winner with Paul in a close second place. ran continuous online polls that showed overwhelming support for everything Paul was saying. When Paul was done and they showed a poll showing 75% support, the douche-bag moderator from issued a personal disclaimer on the results, noting that Paul has a huge “tech-savvy” following and has not done so well in the primaries and caucuses.

The MTV audience and moderators nearly wet their collective pants when Obama appeared on the in-studio screen. He had the video zoomed in on his face which created a powerful impression compared to Paul and Huckabee whose videos were more zoomed out. Everyone in the studio was demonstrably pro-Obama and he received the only non-prompted applause when he was done.

Clinton appeared last and 10 minutes late, looking tired through the thick layers of makeup. She was cautious in a clearly hostile territory as online polls showed strong negative responses to everything she said.


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